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Information Regarding Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins, like the name goes, are coins only that they do not serve the purpose of being used as currency. They also differ with currency coins in the fact that they are produced by individual organizations and not the government and they bear the origin of the company that makes them. Originally, the military gave they members personalized bullets in the course of time this changed as different groups attempted to have the most outstanding challenge symbol and this led to the current day challenge coins.

These coins earned their name because its most common use was that it indicated a challenge to the people around if dropped. The other form of challenge was that if anyone had not carried with them their coin and a challenge happened to be called, them they would be required to buy drinks for all the members. The coins, in times of hardships could offer them motivation as to reminded them the cause that they fought for.

The challenge coins also give them a sense of unity as each one is supposed to retain their piece. Considering the noble purpose that these coins play, it is therefore not unusual to find them being carried everywhere a soldier goes. Challenge coins were just but one of the many forms that were used to appreciate soldiers depending of what they had done. Challenge coins differ with the reason being why they are issued, which meant that the challenge coins that were given as a means of appreciation were much more special in make. These coins could also be used by the members who, by now are retired , as reminder of what their days in the army were like. Among the reasons why challenge coins are hard find is because their initial production is very minimal.

Coins are made from different materials like gold or silver depending on the purpose they are to serve. What makes them also hard to find is because the designs are mainly from a particular minting company hence very hard to duplicate. The shapes and designs of these coins largely differ with different companies. People have caught up with the hobby of collecting these challenge coins making their demand even higher. They are very hard to come across them considering they are produced in very low quantities. A major source of these coins is in actions as they try to sell someone’s goods and come across them. Although due to the popularity of the hobby, there are now very many websites that aid in linking buyers and sellers of these points.

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