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How to Structure Your Story

What you are living in is becoming tougher for people every day including taking care of families and managing businesses and that can be very distressing and that is why people are looking for ways of relieving stress. There are many ways people are leaving the stress and one of the best ways is by reading stories or listening to storytellers or even other comedians because it is a great way of dealing with stress. If you are specialized in this area of writing or storytelling, then it is a great challenge to you to ensure that you remain relevant to people and help them out even as they pay you for your services. There are many ways you can remain relevant to your story, for instance, by ensuring that you follow the appropriate rules or structures when it comes to writing or telling the story. You will make volumes of sales, if people find you interesting and relevant and discussed in this article are some of the ways you can structure your story.

When you want to write a great story, there is a specific direction that you should follow and should ship your structure because it is like building a house, you can start at the top without laying the foundation. You story therefore us to have an opening which is the foundation of the message you want to pass by.The introduction also called the exposition stage, is where you introduce the setting and the character of the story. It is very necessary to introduce the character and also the setting of the story because it is where you give the reader the background information that they need to know before they continue reading the story.

The body of the story is the next after introducing the story that is the main character in the setting. This is an important place where you introduce the conflict of the story. The body is one of the main parts of your story and that is why it is important that you called to action, raise the action and also introduce the crises of your story here.

In the main body, it is important that you continue building the climax before you come to conclusion. You story will not be complete without a conclusion where you show the reader what happened after the conflict you introduced in the main body because in the conclusion you gave a verdict of what happened. If you want to be well-equipped when it comes to structuring your story, there are many examples you can look at, and also it can be important to read more because story structures can vary from one specific story to another and therefore the need to understand those dynamics for the best story structure.

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