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Some of the Character Archetypes in a Novel that You Should Know About

If you fancy reading the novel and other stories, you will be able to see some resemblance in the personalities of different characters in the different novels you have read. You will have these characters serving a purpose that relate to the other in the different stories. These different personalities that you come across in most of the stories you have are the character archetypes. You will know these when we get to discuss them. They are used to show the society that we live in, and they are responsible for the body of the story. In almost every story, the character archetypes will be used to show the different people we have in real life. You should ensure that you know about these character archetypes and in the section that follows, you will be able to know much about them.

The first character archetype that you should know is the hero. You can tell who the hero is from this. The hero will be good in character and moral, and they will advocate for the good of the society. They are most likely to be opposed in their bid for the people’s rights.

The other important character archetype in a story will be the mentor. Most of the stories will bring out the mentor as a person who will be knowledgeable in many ways. You will realize that most of the mentors tend to be old and through this, they will have acquired much experience. They will be needed to guide and provide their support to the heroes. Many of the stories will then have the mentor die before they get to have the hero achieve their goals.

In a novel, you will come across the everyman. The everyman represents the general public. They will be protagonists in the story, but they will not work towards getting their rights. They will undergo through that without thinking of breaking out of bondage.

In the character archetypes, you will have the innocent. They will be used to depict the life of oppression that the other people in the story will go through. They are always following those in power without questioning.

In a story, you will also come across the villain. The villains are evil, and they will always be against the heroes. They will at the most time have a reason for their actions and why they choose to be against the hero. They will do that so that they can acquire power. They will try to show the audience why they are correct and at times they might win a large population that will help them achieve what they want.

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