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How to Write a Comic Book

A comic book is composed of a publication that is made up of various comic arts that represent various individual scenes. The scenes are made up of written narrative stories that are accompanied by various comic arts. These comic books are designed to entertain people, but in some circumstances, they can be used to encourage a certain behavior among people. The following steps will help you when you are writing a comic book.

Look for a story that will entertain people. When thinking of a story, you need to think of images that will complement the story. Good comic books have good pictures. Write down the story on paper and review it. Writing a draft for your story will give you an insight of the characters that should be in your story. You will be able to interact with the character of your story. Ensure that you create exciting characters for the story. A good comic book needs to have a spectacular character, who can be the villain of the story or the hero of the story. The readers should be blown away by the characters.

Think of a certain problem that needs to be addressed by the comic book. Creating an environment where readers spot a problem that will be solved as they continue reading the story it creates suspense for the readers. Your story should have timelines. This means that your story needs to have certain moments that usher in the reader to the next scene. You will get a chance to know how the scenes will follow each other. Use a mock-up to test your ideas of the comic book. A mock-up is a sketch of the comic books that will allow you to test all your ideas and see if they reasonable.

Take a paper and dived it into different sections of the story. When you are dividing the paper into different sections, ensure that you leave a space to draw the pictures. Your timelines can help you fill your story in the paper. Every conversation needs to fit in the spaces you have created. The dialogues need to have certain pictures adjacent to them. The only way to ensure that you write a good comic is to ensure that each conversation has a picture next to it.

If you are not good at drawing, you can hire an artist to do the work for you. Clean images are only assured if you hire a professional artist. Create a website which you will use to market your comic book by posting it to ensure that the people can check it out.

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