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Factor to Consider in Writing a Good Author Bio

In most cases, it is easier for authors to write a book than writing about themselves. The case is even complicated when an author has few publication credits and is not a member of any association. You, however, do not have to worry a lot because you can focus on your strength while downplaying your shortcomings. You should consider the following factors in writing an appealing author bio.

You should avoid including unhelpful information in the bio. The main interest of many readers is to discover new authors with prominent voices. This makes it unnecessary for you to have public credits and have to only ensure your writing is strong. You should ensure you write the shortest possible bio by providing the details about you that matter most. You should not let yourself to be driven by lack of publication credits drive you to include details without meaning to your bio. Your poetry may be interesting but you should not give details about as it does not let the readers know about you as a writer.

Ensure you have positive thinking. There are high probabilities of you have gone through many horrific experiences that make you be resentful. If you allow these issues to feature in your bio in a negative way, they are likely to make people who would otherwise look forward to reading your book keep off. You make people know about you in the bio and if you want your past experiences to feature, it should be in a positive manner. Such instances can cause agents and editors to reject quality submissions from writers with diverse publication credits.

Ensure you give yourself appear professional in the area you address. When you show readers that you have expertise in the subject you are writing about, they can be drawn to read your book. In case you share something common with the main character or the place is set in a place known to you, consider mentioning something about it in the bio. Displaying yourself as a person that is informed about the subject shows your incredibility in writing and this can motivate readers to read your work.

Consider writing in the third person. Using an impersonal pronoun to refer to you can appear awkward at first but that is the acceptable standard. Also, writing your bio using numerous ‘I’ and ‘me’ may at instances seem exaggerated and it may make readers not to take you as serious as they should. Avoiding usage of the first person also strikes the right tone for your bio especially when recounting numerous achievements. When writing, avoid using your first name but use the third name.

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